About Popoy

I have more than 15 years of extensive work experience as a Web and Graphic Designer/Developer. I have had the opportunity to work with International clients that uphold the highest standards when it comes to work quality. My passion for art and design started when I first worked as a Graphic Designer. I was initially tasked to design and create advertising for mall events and promos.

With this, I also possess over 9 years of experience in producing company logos, brochures, flyers, promotional boards, posters, tarpaulins, roll-ups, vinyl stickers, stencils, arcs, standees, etc. Through these, I have realized the value of communication in translating ideas into a visual product. With that in mind I started to widen my scope in multimedia and the arts and expanded my expertise with web development.



I am passionate & love designing and developing sites, whether it is being creative or being simple, my end results should be effective and clean no matter how huge or small a task is. I am a hard worker and always aiming to produce high quality work. I am always learning new things as I go along and keeping in touch with the newest web trends.


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